Fast, healthy lunch solutions for a busy yuppie

We “should” all bring lunch to work to control what we’re eating, save money and save time that can be better spent on errands, catching up with friends and family, or surfing the ‘net…But who has the time? These tips can help you eat healthy and save money without going through the morning hassle.

Problem: You can usually get a good main course at the company deli…but the fries are just too tempting.

Solution: Week-long fresh snack supply. VegetablesEach weekend, buy some dippable veggies and fruits like carrots, bell peppers and strawberries, and healthy delicious dips like hummus and greek yogurt (both of which come in individual packs). On Sunday night, pack a veggie baggy and a fruit baggy with ready-to-dip pieces, throw in your individual yogurt and hummus packs and voila: a week of healthy side dishes readily available in the break room…with no more than a 30-second fridge-grab on Monday morning to screw up your routine.

Problem: You’re too busy to go out to eat for lunch, but too frantic in the morning to pack a lunch. Your best lunch is a granola bar on the way to a meeting.

Pokadot mules, legs business woman crossing, Seattle, Washington

Solution: Slowww dowwwnnn. You’re setting a really bad precedent with your boss that you’re willing to sacrifice basic human needs like lunch for your job. What happens down the road when you find the right guy to come home to, or have a kid, or have a family emergency? Your boss will be peeved at the change in routine at work when you actually have to slow down and have a life. So, no food  tricks here – just slow down enough to go grab a sandwich or come in a few minutes later with a packed lunch. If you really can’t take a break, eating at your desk is sacrifice enough. If your boss fires you or fails to promote you because you want to eat like a normal human being, maybe you need a new job anyway.

Problem: You eat with co-workers who aren’t as health-conscious as you, and it subliminally affects your lunch choices. That burger just smells so good next to you, how can you eat a turkey wrap?

Leftovers - 79/365Solution: Create leftovers. Packing a lunch seems like the obvious solution, but again, who has the time? So, my good friend Meredith introduced me to a healthy lunch-packing solution that still doesn’t interrupt your morning. Cook too much dinner, store it in single-portion containers during clean-up, then eat it tomorrow! It takes five seconds in the morning,  takes away the urge to buy something unhealthy because you can make more savory dishes that smell even better than that burger, and you’ll feel bad for wasting precious ingredients, labor and money if you don’t eat it. Think easily reheatable dishes like ground turkey whole wheat spaghetti and rice bowls, or non-heated items like a gourmet salad.

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