The best yuppy websites

In today’s world of smartphones and Twitter, us yuppies learn much about life through quick-read websites and apps (most likely viewed on an iPad…while on the treadmill…while talking on the phone.) So, here are my favs for everything from health tips to recipes to career advice. I found this site years ago when looking for a good nerdy grammar blog (that’s right…grammar blog.) In discovering Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, I stumbled upon the rest of the Quick and Dirty Tips blogs ranging from Get-It-Done Guy’s tips to work less and do more (which often include tactily pawning unwanted work onto someone else, or using cutting edge apps to organize your life) to Nutrition Diva’s stylish ways to eat well and feel fabulous. Three years later, not a week goes by when I don’t discover the evil in hot dogs or ways to handle difficult co-workers through this wonderful advice portal. They’ve even added dog-training and dating advice! Behance is a great tool for creative professionals that work in graphic design, writing, website development, advertising, etc. Created by a creative professional consultant, it includes articles with specific career advice for creatives, such as how to concentrate without compromising your unique working style. It also includes, a social network where creative professionals can show off their work and mingle with peers for career opportunities. This seemingly techie website also has great tips ranging from work project help, to minimalist car-free living, to finance advice such as what to look out for when applying for credit cards. It’s a yuppy mecca for living smart and getting things done in our new age of technology. Sign up for their eNewsletter for daily email updates on their latest tips!

Magazine Sites: Of course being a writer and constant student of living better and creating balance in my yuppy life, I do frequent the Real Simple, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living and The Nest magazine websites as well for tips on cooking well, fun new exercise ideas, entertaining friends, travel, becoming an adult for things like finances and buying houses, etc. I will say Real Simple is best for recipes, budgeting tips and crafty ideas; Whole Living is best for more new-age eating and exercise plans; and The Nest is best for travel tips and, um, for some reason, marital sex advice. If  you’re a single yuppie, best not to frequent the latter as it’s all about young married life and might not be very uplifting for you…go with Real Simple instead.

Plus, some computer and mobile tools that are just too cool…

IKEA Desktop Background and Filing System: Love the cube bookcases from IKEA for everything from your chachkis to your work files? Well, now you can have the same nifty, modern organization on your computer with their new desktop application! Pull your files out from your cube-shaped filing drawer. Throw your trash in a sleek Swedish trash can placed conveniently next to your bookshelf. It’s just too much fun. However, for some reason it’s only available on the Hungarian IKEA, so read the blog post linked from the title here for details then click the link knowing you won’t be able to read the site text.

Granimator App: Attention iPad and art lovers! Your two passions can now be combined in this nifty wallpaper designing app. Simply choose the artist packs you like, ranging from abstract art, to 80’s neon colors that will take you back to Saved by the Bell, to Juno-esque notepaper and scribbles. Then, use your fingers to “create” using the pack’s image sets in a way that brings a bit of chaos with some control options such as choosing which pictures and colors can appear. Save it to your iPad for wallpaper or send it to Facebook for a refreshing profile pic! P.S. – It works on your iPhone too, but I suggest only using it on your iPhone if you a) have teeny tiny fingers or a stylus to design with or b) just use your iPhone’s app to make your iPad creation into your mobile wallpaper.

Know of any other wonderful, witty websites for yuppies? Post in the comments!


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